ChatGPT/OpenAI Opt-Out

  • Beginning on Monday, Sept. 11, 2023, all Naperville 203 students in Grades 8-12 will be able to access ChatGPT/OpenAI on their district devices. This is in alignment with ChatGPT/OpenAI's Privacy Policy  

    ChatGPT/OpenAI to be a powerful tool that provide writing assistance, help students conduct quality research, clarify concepts, serve as a study aid, foster curiosity, and assist in the development a wide variety of other future-employment and career-focused skills.

    If you do not want your student to have access to ChatGPT/OpenAI, please complete Naperville 203's ChatGPT/OpenAI Opt-Out Form.

    Regardless of your decision, it is important for all families to consider the broader implications of using AI. As we embrace this new technology, we need to continue to safeguard student data and privacy. We ask our families to please assist our staff in reminding students that personal, identifiable information should NEVER be shared via any technology tool. Additionally, while ChatGPT/OpenAI does have its own built in filtering system, parents/guardians should know that our Naperville 203 technology department does not have the ability to filter ChatGPT/OpenAI to the same extent possible in other programs.