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  • Glenbard Parents Series presents: David Epstein— Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

    Wed. Jan. 26, 7:00 PM This author of The Sports Gene joins GPS for a closer look at research on the world’s top performers. Epstein asserts that early specialization is the exception, not the rule. He examined the world’s most successful athletes, musicians, and scientists and discovered generalists are primed to excel. As experts silo themselves further, while computers master more of the skills once reserved for highly focused humans, people who think broadly and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives will increasingly thrive. They may find their path later and juggle many interests rather than focusing on one, but they’re able to be more creative, more agile, and make connections their more specialized peers can’t see. Epstein also says that failing a test can be the best way to learn and frequent quitters may end up with the most fulfilling careers. Via Zoom.

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    All athletes must be cleared to participate in tryouts (online registration completed and updated physical on file with athletic office). Please have registration completed one week prior to the start of the season. Click on the headline for the registration links and more information.

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