Social Studies Department

The Social Studies course offerings enable a student to acquire skills and develop understandings necessary for citizenship in our society. To achieve these goals, the department provides an extensive and flexible program through the four years of high school. A student has the opportunity to experience four years of Social Studies courses in geography, the histories, political sciences, economics, cultural studies and the behavioral sciences. The Social Studies are developed to aid you by:
-    providing a wide range of courses which will allow you to fulfill the Social Studies credit requirement expected by most colleges and universities.
-    preparing you with the skills you will need as a citizen in American society.
-    providing you with ample exposure to local, national, and international current events.
-    providing you with a sequential program of skill building in the following areas: writing, research, verbal discussion, reading, and critical thinking which will better prepare you to implement these communication skills in college and/or chosen career.
The Social Studies are designed to accelerate basic academic skills that are a definite benefit in preparing for entrance to a college or university, in preparation for any career and in preparation for civic life. 
Kathy Linder, Instructional Coordinator
Cathy Garrity, Administrative Assistant

Social Studies Department Photo

Social Studies Department
First Row (left to right):  Mike Bochenski, Todd Holmberg, Randy Smith, Donna Mohn, Lynne Hanley, Tom Henneberry
Row 2:  Matt Zieman, Cindy Tilt, Mike Albiniak, Letitia Zwickert, Pat Dolan
Row 3:  Kathy Linder, robert Lugiai, Georganne Gabrielli, Steve Stack, Jim Galanis, Mike Ulreich
Back Row:  Mike Wilson, Seth Brady, Ed Bucz, Jane Thompson, Cathy Garrity, Pat Keating, David Ashton

Social Studies Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Phone 1(630) Email Classes Taught
Mike Albiniak 778-3102 Ancient & Medieval History, Decades, US History, Military History
C David Ashton 778-3103 AP Micro and Macro Economics, Economics, US History
Mike Bochenski 420-6592 International Relations, 20th Century History, US History, American Government, AP Government
Seth Brady 778-3110 Comparative Religions, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, World Cultures
Edwin Bucz 305-3287 Contemporary Legal Issues, Psychology, U.S. History, Economics
Patrick Dolan 778-3113 Ancient & Medieval History, U.S. History
Georganne Gabrielli 579-7658 American Government, U.S. History, World Cultures
James Galanis 778-3117 Modern History, Ancient & Medieval History, AP European History, Golden Age of the Mediterranean
Cathy Garrity 420-6456 Administrative Asst.
Lynne Hanley 778-3140 AP World History, U.S. History, World Cultures
Thomas Henneberry 778-3120 Humanities, AP European, Ancient & Medieval History, Military History
Todd Holmberg 778-3123 Cultural Anthropology, World Cultures
Patrick Keating 778-3128 Sociology, American Government
Katharina Linder 778-3130 Instructional Coordinator, Humanities, AP World History
Robert Lugiai 778-3109 World Cultures, U.S. History
Donna Mohn 778-3132 American Problems and the Law, World Cultures, American Government
Randy Smith 778-3142 AP Government, Economics, U.S. History
Steve Stack 548-4549 U.S. History, World Cultures
Jane Thompson 778-3144 U.S. History, AP U.S. History, Post War America 50s 60s 70s
Cindy Tilt 778-3136 Intro Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology
Mike Ulreich 778-3147 AP U.S. History, U.S. History, American Studies, Medieval History
Mike Wilson 369-3153 Comparative Religions, U.S. History
Matt Zieman 420-3048 American Government, World Cultures
Letitia Zwickert 778-3153 World Cultures, International Relations, Minorities in U.S. History