Fine Arts Department

  • The fine arts are fundamental to the education of all students.  We encourage and foster a safe and nurturing environment where all students have the opportunity to explore, produce, perform and grow artistically.  Our course offerings allow students to work in a creative and collaborative manner while promoting individual thinking and cultivating lifelong learning in the arts.

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Department Photo

  • Fine Arts Department Photo

    First Row (L-R):  Danielle Figueroa, Connie Reynolds, Kelly Mielcarz, Amy Murphy

    Second Row:  Daniella Cirone, Brandon Estes, D.J. Alstadt, Rebecca Mancuso, Chris Hodge, Vidya Padmanabhan, Greg Padgett

Fine Arts Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Discipline Phone 1(630) Email
DJ Alstadt Band, Music Theory 778-3101
Daniela Cirone Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, AP Studio 778-3116
Brandon Estes Band, Music Appreciation: From Bach to Rock 778-3155
Danielle Figueroa Jewelry, Ceramics, Sculpture, Adapted Art 778-3135
Jesse Gross Orchestra 848-5334
Chris Hodge Photography, AP Studio 778-3122
Andrew Jensen Ceramics, Drawing, Adapted Art
Becky Mancuso Instructional Coordinator & Ceramics 778-3131
Kelly Mielcarz Choir 548-4451
Amy Murphy Digital Art, Drawing , Photo 778-3133
Greg Padgett Drawing, Ceramics, Photography, Adapted Art 778-3112
Vidya Padmanabhan Administrative Asst. 548-4302