Fine Arts Department

  • The fine arts are fundamental to the education of all students.  We encourage and foster a safe and nurturing environment where all students have the opportunity to explore, produce, perform and grow artistically.  Our course offerings allow students to work in a creative and collaborative manner while promoting individual thinking and cultivating lifelong learning in the arts.

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Department Photo

  • Fine Arts Department

    First Row:  DJ Alstadt, Jesse Gross, Brandon Estes, Vidya Padmanabhan, Greg Padgett, Chris Hodges

    Second Row:  Danielle Figueroa, Kayla Koss, Lauren Berryhill, Becky Mancuso, Bob Ross, Amy Murphy

    Not Pictured:  Daniela Cirone, Kelly Mielcarz, Jeff Sturgeon

Fine Arts Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Discipline Phone 1(630) Email
DJ Alstadt Band, Music Theory 778-3101
Lauren Berryhill Choir 549-4393
Daniela Cirone Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, AP Studio 778-3116
Brandon Estes Band, Music Appreciation: From Bach to Rock 778-3155
Danielle Figueroa Jewelry, Ceramics, Sculpture, Adapted Art 778-3135
Jesse Gross Orchestra 848-5334
Chris Hodge Photography, AP Studio 778-3122
Kayla Koss
Becky Mancuso Instructional Coordinator & Ceramics 778-3131
Kelly Mielcarz Choir 548-4451
Laura Milas Sub for Daniela Cirone
Amy Murphy Digital Art, Drawing , Photo 778-3133
Greg Padgett Drawing, Ceramics, Photography, Adapted Art 778-3112
Vidya Padmanabhan Administrative Asst. 548-4302
Jeff Sturgeon Orchestra 420-7820

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