Student Services Department

  • The student services department consists of a team of various professionals who work collaboratively to support each student’s social-emotional, academic, and personal growth. Students are alphabetically assigned to one of four dean teams and a counselor through their four years of high school. Each student support team consists of one dean, one social worker, one school psychologist, one nurse, and three to four school counselors. Students and families are welcome to contact any member of the student's services team for questions or concerns.

Team Phone Numbers

  • Quickly access your Student Services team by calling the Administrative Assistant number below. For more detailed contact information, use the Student Services Staff and Team links to the left.

Reach the Administrative Assistant for your Student Services team quickly!

Student Services Department

  • Student Services Team 

    Front Row: Justin Tardy, Doug Stephenson, Sabrina Chung, Wendy McFall, Kellie Nicoloudes, Nina Mayer, Joan Plummer, Darrell Green, Roosevelt Montague
    Row 2: Pam Ford, Traci Fertel, Erica Eysturlid, Susan Macikas
    Row 3: Ginger Kreitz, Kaelyn Pettit, Michelle Olejnik, Brenna Metz, Pete Flaherty, Maddie Corder, Erica Kelly, Dan Goldstein, Jeff Plackett, James Tanksley, Jennifer Dotson, Tony Colletti, Caressa Buchanan, Courtney Jablenski, PJ Kramloish, Steven Colianni, Angela Ginnan
    Row 4: Alyssa Santella, Deb Oslos, Kim Kopec, Michelle Kirincich, Kathy Howat, Denise IannoPam McNeeley, Merigan Neben, Anna Ma, Linda Arneth, Robin Patton, Mike Stock, Lisa Moen, Amy Barth, Karen Becker, Jaclyn Kwiatt, Rachel Wick, Jennifer Prerost, Beth Griffith
    Not Pictured: Renae Groom, Patrick Zemanski