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  • No school? No problem! Your student services team has your back. Team members are available 8am-3pm. Please email any member of your team if you need support while at home.

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Support Staff

Position Name Phone (630)- Email
College & Career Center Coordinator Jean Childers 983-2257
Registrar Denise Ianno 420-6431
Testing Coordinator Debra Ericson 548-4405
Health Office Technician Ginger Kreitz 420-6450
Health Office Technician Beth Griffith 420-6561
Health Office RN Deb Oslos 697-3839
  •  Campus Supervisors – Office Phone: 630-548-4360
     Michelle Coleman  Susan Macikas
     Stephen Colianni  Nina Mayer
     Emma Cooke  Joan Plummer
     Bob Gabler  Doug Stephenson
     Brooke Gatto  Keegan Winchell
     Darrell Green  Kim Wright
     Kevin Kloss  

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Student Services Department

  • Student Services Department Photo

    Front Row: Robin Patton, Denise Ianno, Ginger Kreitz, Maddie Corder, Pam Ford, Jean Childers, Caressa Buchanan, Marta Maschman, Erica Kelly, Traci Fertel, Lisa Moen, Pam McNeely, Deb Oslos, Linda Arneth, Tony Colletti, Mike Stock, Keith Lakstigala
    Back Row: Pete Flaherty, Michelle Olejnik, Beth Griffith, Renae Groom, Merigan Neben, Jeff Plackett, Amy Barth, James Tanksley, Kim Kopec, Rachel Wick, Erica Eysturlid, Angie Ginnan, Kathy Howat, Michelle Krincich, Cortni Jablenski
    Not Pictured: Karen Becker, Debra Ericson, Anna Ma, Roger Strausberger, Bev Schulz