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  • Math Department Philosophy

    Mathematics is a universal language that allows us to make sense of fundamental principles, thoughts, ideas, patterns, problems, and phenomena surrounding us and to communicate our understanding and resolutions of these concepts to others. In order to develop and enrich student understanding of mathematics, District 203 will provide a comprehensive and cohesive mathematics curriculum in which mathematical topics are explored and analyzed with significant depth.

    The environment in every mathematics classroom will provide the following active and responsible engagement in the learning of mathematics, an atmosphere of risk taking, in-depth investigation and analysis of intriguing situations and problems, ample opportunities for reflection and interaction, and connections to everyday life.

    Instruction in every mathematics classroom will provide a rich variety of cognitively appropriate strategies and resources so that all students have opportunities to experience both success and challenge.

    As a result of this curriculum, environment and instruction, District 203 students will experience the utility, power and beauty of mathematics as they become proficient in using and applying fundamental mathematical concepts and skills including: computation, critical thinking, reasoning, and resourceful problem solving.

Math Department Photo

  • Math Department

    Front Row: Alyssa Malzone, Leslie Free, Stephanie Vinton, Megan Lynch, Grace Twietmeyer, Rob Porter, Andy Nussbaum
    Second Row: Jeff Danbom, Deb Danbom, Kari O'Leary, Amber Cotrano, Lisa Gebbie, Janet Kay, Tina Dohm, Karen Kukulski, Heidi Heslinga, Dave Sladkey
    Third Row: Tom Gebbie, Scott Miller, Adam Winiecki, Marissa Rakes, Kelly Tolcher, Tim Carlson, Nick Straka, Eric Ko, Ed Watson

Math Staff Directory

Frist Name Last Name Email Voicemail 1(630) Classes Taught
Tim Carlson 961-2679 Geometry Core, Algebra 1, Academy Geometry, A1G
Amber Cotrano 961-2737 Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Deborah Danbom 961-2740 Algebra 1, Algebra 2C
Jeff Danbom 420-2343 Algebra 2, Business Precalculus, Discrete
Tina Dohm 420-2369 Algebra 2, Precalculus
Leslie Free 420-8255 Algebra 2, AP Statistics
Lisa Gebbie 961-2670 Geometry, Honors Algebra 2
Tom Gebbie 420-8238 Algebra 1 with Geometry, Calculus, Calculus AB
Heidi Heslinga 961-2674 Algebra 2C, Intro to Algebra
Janet Kay 961-2694 Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Eric Ko
Megan Lynch 961-2741 Algebra, Geometry
Alyssa Malzone 420-2316 Discrete Math, Algebra, Geometry
Scott Miller 369-8232 Instructional Coordinator and Geometry
Andy Nussbaum 961-2702 AP Statistics, Discrete, Precalculus
Kari O'Leary 579-7221 Geometry
Rob Porter 961-2730 Geometry, Honors Geometry
Marissa Rakes 961-2696 Calculus BC, Honors Precalculus
David Sladkey 961-2732 Intro to Algebra, Precalculus
Nick Straka 778-3141 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 1 Support
Kelly Tolcher 961-2701 Algebra, Geometry
Grace Twietmeyer 369-2793 Geometry
Katie Ulreich 961-2684 Algebra 2, Geometry
Stephanie Vinton 848-3989 Academy Algebra 1, Academy Algebra 2, Algebra 2
Ed Watson 961-2751 Calculus AB, Honors Precalculus
Adam Winiecki 961-8284 Business Precalculus, Honors Algebra 2, Precalculus