Special Education Department

  •  Special Education provides a continuum of services for students with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). These services are reviewed on a yearly basis and formally reevaluated every three years. Courses and needed supports are determined by the IEP team which consists of the student, parent, and appropriate Special Education and General Education staff. Each student receiving special education services is assigned a case manager who coordinates the services identified in the IEP. This is accomplished through collaboration, consultation, and direct services to ensure access to the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

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  • Special Ed Department

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Contact Information

Special Education Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Position Phone 1(630) Email
Jaclyn Adamczyk LBS Teacher 328-5928 jadamczyk@naperville203.org
Natalie Billings LBS Teacher 369-5007 nrbillings@Naperville203.org
Amy Contois LBS Teacher 369-5171 acontois@naperville203.org
Kim DesJardine LBS Teacher 420-6455 kdesjardine@naperville203.org
Amanda Ficht Occupational Therapist 548-5552 aficht@naperville203.org
Christine Filer LBS Teacher 420-3035 cfiler@naperville203.org
Morgan Foreman Vision Itinerant 420-4037 mforeman@naperville203.org
Fred Gafrick LBS Teacher 420-2301 fgafrick@Naperville203.org
Christina Ghiotto LBS Teacher cghiotto@naperville203.org
David Hughes LBS Teacher 328-5988 dchughes@naperville203.org
Jennifer Jansen LBS Teacher 420-4262 jjansen@Naperville203.org
Beth Jasinski Special Education Coordinator 369-5131 ejasinski@naperville203.org
Patrice Kainrath Speech-Language Pathologist 757-581-7395 pkainrath@Naperville203.org
April Kopsel Speech-Language Pathologist 548-4520 akopsel@naperville203.org
Nick Lago LBS Teacher 369-5098 nlago@Naperville203.org
Karyn Manganello LBS Teacher 369-5182 kmanganello@naperville203.org
Sarah Meyers Special Education Coordinator 369-5235 smeyers@naperville203.org
Elyse Minhas LBS Teacher 961-6193 eminhas@Naperville203.org
Jessica Monteleone LBS Teacher 369-5183 jmonteleone@Naperville203.org
Brandon Moriarty LBS Teacher 579-7184 bmoriarty@naperville203.org
Michelle Moynihan Speech-Language Pathologist 548-5512 mmoynihan@naperville203.org
Sara Newcomb LBS Teacher 369-5148 snewcomb@naperville203.org
Laura Newell Physical Therapist 548-4571 lnewell@naperville203.org
Breanne Nikkel LBS Teacher 369-5252 bnikkel@naperville203.org
Eric Novak LBS Teacher 369-5159 enovak@Naperville203.org