NCHS Administration Contact Information

Administrator Position Phone 1(630) Email
Bill Wiesbrook Principal 420-6422
Carrie McFadden Asst. Principal for Operations 420-6432
Jackie Thornton Asst. Principal for Curriculum 420-6440
Angie Ginnan Asst. Principal for Student Services 420-6554
Lynne Nolan Activities Director 420-6649
Roger Strausberger Athletic Director 420-6444
Pete Flaherty Dean of Students A-E 420-6554
Jennifer Prerost Dean of Students, F - LE 420-6435
Mike Stock Dean of Students, LH to RUP 420-6437
Kathy Howat Dean of Students, RUS - Z 420-6436
Merigan Neben Dean of Student Interventions 420-6554


  •  William Wiesbrook
    Principal Bill Wiesbrook
    (630) 420-6422

  • Carrie McFadden
    Carrie McFadden 
    Assist. Principal for Operations
    (630) 420-6432
  • Jackie Thornton
    Jackie Thornton 
    Assist. Principal for Curriculum
    (630) 420-6440