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  • Science is a comprehensive process by which we continually refine our understanding of the universe.   Scientific literacy enables us to make informed, responsible decisions that affect our daily lives.

    District 203 will provide an inquiry and standards based comprehensive curriculum in life science, earth and space science, and physical science. An integral part of this curriculum is to promote an understanding of the interconnections within the sciences and the interactions among science, technology, society, and the environment.

    Instruction in every science classroom will model and provide opportunities for students to participate in scientific inquiry as they experience the wonders of science.  A rich variety of cognitively appropriate strategies and resources will be utilized so that all students have opportunities to experience both success and challenge.
    Using inquiry implies involvement that leads to understanding. The environment in every science classroom will have students actively constructing knowledge by being engaged in observing, questioning, investigating, problem solving, and predicting, evaluating, and communicating ideas.

    As a result of this curriculum, instruction and environment, District 203 will graduate scientifically literate students who ask and investigate scientific questions, evaluate claims and evidence, and make responsible decisions in a rapidly changing world.  


Department Photo

  • Science Department photo
    Row 1: Nathan Dille, Paige Lundquist, Jackie Barker, Lindsey Frye, Yasmin Nunez, Linda Bennett
    Row 2:  Kim Smith, Jeromy Bentley, Andreas Damianides, Sherry Brockway, Amy Hastings, Crystal Griffith, Emily Smetana, Megan Brotan, Chelsea Summy
    Row 3: Tom Sanoshy, Kim Kedziora, Jen Norgaard, Dan Olandese
    Row 4: Mike Forde, Mike Jarvis, Tim Banas, Student Teacher, Matt Gresk, William Marshall, Mike Schultz

Staff Bios

  • Tim Banas - Click here to email him.
    Mr. Banas graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS and MS in biological science, then earned his teaching certificate from Northwestern University. Since 2003, he has taught a range of subjects in science at the high school and college level. Mr. Banas began teaching biology at NCHS in 2019. He aims to strengthen his students' critical thinking skills by helping them draw evidence-based conclusions that can be applied to both classroom exercises and real-world issues related to science. 
    Jackie Barker - Click here to email her or to link to her Canvas website
    Mrs. Barker graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics Education and a M.S. from Illinois State University in Chemistry Education.  This year, Mrs. Barker is teaching Chemistry.
    Linda Bennett - Click here to email her  or to link to her Canvas website
    Mrs. Bennett is a National Board Certified Chemistry teacher teaching since 2002 (came to NCHS in 2006). Her passion is making connections between classroom and lab chemistry to everyday applications (chemistry in the "real world"). Outside of school she fosters rescue cats and works as a freelance writer.
    Jeromy Bentley - Click here to email him or to link to his Canvas website
    Mr. Bentley is a graduate of Illinois State University with a dual BS degree in Chemistry and Biology (2000) and an MS in Organic Synthesis (2002).  He has been a part of the NCHS family since 2005 teaching Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Advanced Chemistry.  Mr. Bentley co-sponsors the Academic Challenge, TEAMS, and Senior Class Council.  He has conducted nanotechnology and materials science research during the summer at Northwestern (2008) and UIC (2010, 2011, 2013).  Mr. Bentley’s work has been published in various scientific journals including Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, and Materials Research Express.  He has also presented at American Chemical Society (2001, 2009), Illinois Science Teacher Association (2009), and National Science Teacher Association (2009, 2011, 2013) conferences.  
    Michael Forde - Click here to email him.
    Mr. Forde graduated from Miami-Dade College in Miami, FL with a bachelor degree in secondary education with a concentration in chemistry.  Currently he is completing his master’s degree in STEM education at the University of Iowa.  He has been teaching at Naperville Central since the spring of 2014.
    Lindsey Frye - Click here to email her or to link to her Canvas website.
    Ms. Stevenson went to the University of Illinois-Chicago for her chemistry education degree and also has a master's degree in educational technology. She earned her national board certification in 2019. 
    Matt Gresk - Click here to email him.
    Mr. Gresk has been teaching at NCHS since the fall of 2004, after completing his undergraduate degree at Eastern Illinois University. He teaches students in the Biology and the Anatomy & Physiology. He also enjoys co-sponsoring the Rotary Interact community service club at Central. Mr. Gresk completed his Master's degree in education from Rockford College.
    Crystal Griffith - Click here to email her or to link to her Canvas website
    Ms. Griffith has been teaching at NCHS since 2006. She currently teaches Honors Biology as well as Biotechnology. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology from the University of Tampa, and a Master's Degree in Education from Aurora University. Ms. Griffith is involved with Naperville Operation Snowball, and also co-sponsors the NCHS National Honors Society. 
    Amy Hastings - Click here to email her or to link to her Canvas website
    Mrs. Hastings is a graduate of Knox College with a double major in Biological Sciences and Educational Studies.  She has also received her Mastery of Arts in Teaching Instructional Strategies from Rockford College.  Mrs. Hastings has been teaching at NCHS since 2005.  This year she is teaching Honors Biology and AP Biology.  She is also a co-sponsor for Science Olympiad.  Mrs. Hastings loves learning new things from her students, spending time with her daughter and husband, and traveling the world!
    Megan Brotan - Click here to email her.
    Ms. Hopkins graduated from Illinois State University with a BS in Geology and her teaching endorsement in Earth & Space Science Education in 2007.  She began teaching at NCHS in 2008 and has been happily teaching science since.  She received a Master’s in Science Education in 2011 from Montana State University.   More recently, she earned her Special Education Endorsement in 2017 from Concordia University.  Ms. Hopkins teaches both chemistry and earth science and coaches the JV Scholastic Bowl team.  Outside of school, Ms. Hopkins’s interests include dogs and rescues, running and weight lifting, traveling, national parks, and spending time with her loved ones.

    Mike Jarvis - Click here to email him or to link to his website
    Mr. Jarvis is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Geology.  He earned an MS in Geoscience from Southeast Missouri State University and an M.Ed. from Whitworth College.  Mr. Jarvis has been at NCHS since 2003.  Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Jarvis worked as an environmental consultant for 3 years.  Mr. Jarvis teaches AP Environmental Science, Earth Science and Chemistry.  He is currently the advisor for the Junior Class Council.
    Leah Johnson - Click here to email her.
    Ms. Johnson loves science and is proud to be a Redhawk! She currently teaches Physics and Research & Design. She attended Cornell College for her B.A., and then completed a M.S. in Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico.

    Kim Kedziora - Click here to email her.
    Mrs. Kedziora has been teaching in District 203 since 1998. She is certified to teach science and math grades 6-12.  Mrs. Kedziora graduated with a BS in biology and a minor is chemistry.  She has a Masters in Education with an emphasis on instructional technology and earned certifications in mathematics. 
    Paige Lundquist - Click here to email her.
    Mrs. Lundquist graduated from Cornell College with a BS in Biology and earned a MS in Science Education from Aurora University. She began her teacher career in 1996 and joined the science department at Naperville Central in 2011. Mrs. Lundquist is teaching AP Environmental Science and Honors Biology

    Jennifer Norgaard - Click here to email her.
    Mrs. Norgaard is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science Education.  She taught for four years in southern Wisconsin before returning to her alma mater, NCHS, in the fall of 2005.  Since returning, Mrs. Norgaard has also earned a Master of Liberal Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University in River Forest. Mrs. Norgaard is teaching physics and astronomy.
    Tom Sanoshy - Click here to email him or to link to his Canvas website.  
    Mr. Sanoshy teaches both Physics and Dynamic Earth Systems. He graduated from Illinois State University in 2006 with a degree in physics education and began teaching here at NCHS. He currently coaches freshman football in the fall and is the boy's track and field throws coach. We here at Naperville central love and respect one Tom Sanoshy. This photo cannot do justice to the shimmering nobility and rapturous charisma he exudes each moment of each day we are blessed to be around him. He also teaches physics and coaches freshmen football.       
    Mike Schultz - Click here to email him.
    Mr. Schultz has been teaching since 2012 and at Naperville Central since 2016. He graduated from Saint Xavier University with a B.S. in Biology and received a M.S. in Science Education from Montana State University. Mr. Schultz currently teaches biology and is an assistant volleyball coach. 

    Chelsea Summy - Click here to email her.
    Mrs. Summy has been teaching at NCHS since 2012. She currently teaches Biology and Anatomy/Physiology. Mrs. Summy graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology Education.  

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