• The Science Department at Naperville Central believes in critical thinking, analysis and problem solving with a lab oriented, inquiry based (when appropriate) curriculum. On this page you can scroll down to see our teachers and link to them via email or get their voice mail phone number. The science office phone number is 630-420-6417 and the fax number is 630-420-3253.

Science Staff Directory

Teacher First Name Last Name Voicemail 1(630)- Email Discipline
Tim Banas 778-3174 tbanas@naperville203.org Biology
Jackie Barker 961-5910 jbarker@naperville203.org Chemistry, Physics
Linda Bennett 369-5190 lbennett@naperville203.org Chemistry
Jeromy Bentley 961-5076 jbentley@naperville203.org Chemistry
Megan Brotan 961-6177 mbrotan@naperville203.org Earth Science
Andreas Damianides 579-7378 adamianides@naperville203.org AP Physics
Nathan Dille 420-6834 ndille@naperville203.org Physics
Mike Forde 961-5084 mforde@naperville203.org Chemistry
Lindsey Frye 548-4855 lfrye@naperville203.org Chemistry
Matt Gresk 961-5925 mgresk@naperville203.org Biology
Crystal Griffith 961-5927 cgriffith@naperville203.org Biology
Amy Hastings 961-5935 ahastings@naperville203.org Earth Science
Mike Jarvis 548-4308 mjarvis@naperville203.org Earth Science
Leah Johnson 420-3079 lrjohnson@naperville203.org Earth Science
Kim Kedziora 961-5915 kkedziora@naperville203.org Chemistry, Academy Biology
Paige Lundquist 961-6124 plundquist@naperville203.org Biology
William Marshall 416-2831 wmarshall@naperville203.org Biology
Jennifer Norgaard 416-2851 jnorgaard@naperville203.org Earth Science
Yazmin Nunez 961-5906 ynunez@naperville203.org Chemistry and Biology
Dan Olandese 420-6598 dolandese@naperville203.org
Tom Sanoshy 961-5985 tsanoshy@naperville203.org Physics
Mike Schultz 961-5993 mschultz@naperville203.org Biology, Physics
Kim Smith 848-5345 ksmith2@naperville203.org Biology
Chelsea Summy 961-5962 csummy@naperville203.org Biology