NCHS Redbook


    This electronic version of The Redbook is the result of the work of a group of parents, staff, and students committed to the goal of helping all students acquire the planning, organizing, and study skills necessary to be successful.  This book contains  the  school  calendar,  important  school  event  dates,  phone  numbers, rules  and  regulations,  and  a  number  of  tools  and  tips  to  help  each  student become more organized.   We encourage all students to take advantage of The Redbook and what it has to offer.   Teachers will be expecting students to use this book.  Also, all students are expected to read the “School Policy” section carefully.  This section deals with expectations for student behavior.  Appropriate and respectful behavior is expected from all students and staff at NCHS, and is a critical part of what makes NCHS a high-achieving  school. We ask that parents and students assist us in maximizing  the educational  benefits  of being at Naperville  Central High School. 
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    - The NCHS Staff & Administration

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Naperville Central High School is to produce a graduate who is a: self-directed learner, collaborative worker, complex thinker, quality producer and community contributor.  

    The partnership made up of NCHS staff, students, parents and community will participate in making decisions to accomplish this goal.

School Improvement Goals

    • Increased post-secondary readiness through equitable access, representation, meaningful participation and high outcomes for all students.
    • Staff will consistently and explicitly teach and integrate identified Tier 1 Academic and Social behaviors in all content areas in order to increase student belonging and achievement.