Literary Magazine

  • What exactly is the Literary Magazine?

    Our award-winning publication is one of three at NCHS – in addition to the newspaper and the yearbook.  We are a collection of the year’s best student and staff writing and artwork; we publish poems, short stories, essays, plays, photos, drawings, paintings and mixed media/digital art.  The full-color 40+ page magazine is one we develop and design throughout the fall and spring and publish in May.


    To submit work to the Literary Magazine, email to


    Our mission and vision:

    • To collect, evaluate, and publish works from students and staff in a high-quality, engaging final product.
    • To blend writing and artistic works representing a wide variety of genres and perspectives.
    • To collaborate equally and fairly on the process of publication.


    Lit Magazine Staff Roles:



    • Responsible for overseeing all staff work and decision making
    • Meets regularly with advisor and other editors to monitor deadlines and work quality
    • Committed to attending all meetings and for communicating the vision of the magazine to all staff
    • Prepared and willing to teach underclassmen the necessary skills to advance to leadership


    • Responsible for soliciting, organizing, evaluating and pairing art pieces to literature pieces
    • Serves as a liaison to the Art/Humanities department
    • Contributes to the vision of the overall magazine including layout
    • Committed to attending all relevant meetings and encouraging growth among the underclassmen


    • Responsible for soliciting, organizing, and evaluating all written submissions
    • Committed to attending all relevant layout and evaluation meetings
    • Serves as a liaison to the Communication Arts department
    • Committed to encouraging growth among the underclassmen


    • Responsible for getting the word out!  This includes the creation and placement of posters and announcements.
    • Organizes and conducts the collection of submitted material
    • Serves as a liaison to Student Activities Office
    • Helps with distribution of the final product
    • Committed to attending relevant meetings

What's Your Story?

  • What's Your Story?  A Reading, Writing and Art Contest

    Enter your fiction or nonfiction writing, reading reflection or art to the NCHS Lit Mag by November 10th.  Submit online to

    Please include your NAME, YEAR IN SCHOOL, and TITLE of WORK.  You may also drop it off in the submission box in the Learning Commons by November 10th. 

    What's Your Story Writing Prompts

    Stop by the Learning Commons for more information.  Prizes awarded!

    What's Your Story?

Literary Magazine Contact Information

  • What type of work can people submit?

    Short stories
    Digital or mixed-media art