• Naperville Central High School

    School Continuous Improvement Plan

    Goal #1= All students and all staff will feel safe & respected at NCHS.

    CL7 The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) will be safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning. (2348)

    How will it look when fully met:

    • At least 90% of students will feel connected and have a sense of belonging to our school environment.
    • At least 95% of students will report that they feel supported by NCHS staff.
    • Referrals for harassment/disrespect will decrease by 5% annually.
    • 100% of NCHS staff members will make efforts to support students emotionally and behaviorally.
    Target Date: 5/15/2015

    Task List

    • NCHS leadership team members will identify methods for acknowledging the work of our teachers in order to increase the percentage of staff members who fell valued and respected at Naperville Central.
    • Provide training to staff (certified and non-certified) on how to address negative training in a positive way.
    • Advertise opportunities for clubs, activities, athletics, etc. (possibly club week at lunch, jumbotron, digital signage)
    • Professional development provided to staff via departments or memos on how to support students behaviorally and emotionally (whole school and departments).
    • Continue (Be)3 programming. Provide lessons, instruction, PSA’s via Hawk TV, late arrival and digital signage.
    • Collaborate with the district SEL committee to determine which SEL standards are addressed currently in the high school curriculum and identify goals that are not addressed. Incorporate SEL standards in curriculum development process for PE/Health and other departments as warranted from this analysis.
    • Staff development on SEL standards and instructional strategies.
    • Track students utilizing interventions to see time in and out of class.
    • Develop survey for students regarding all CL7 goals.
    • Implement survey at NCHS with all students.
    • Analyze survey data to determine effectiveness of programs.
    • Evaluate five essential survey data.


    Goal #2 = All teachers will differentiate instruction in response to individual student learning needs.

    IIIA07 All teachers will differentiate assignments (individualize instruction) in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment. (1069)
    Title 1 Expectations: Effective, timely additional assistance provided to students experiencing difficulty.


    We will know that all NCHS teachers are differentiating instruction in response to individual student performance when the following indicators are in place.
    • All departments and teams will have curriculum maps that include desired standards and outcomes, benchmark assessments that measure student mastery of the standards, and a choice of resources to be used for instruction.
    • Curricular teams will develop formative assessment plans for each course that include diagnostic opportunities. These assessments will be used to measure student mastery of standards and readiness levels in preparation for common summative assessments. The course assessment plans will include opportunities for student self-assessment and reflection.
    • Curricular teams will use data from formative and summative assessments to identify levels of readiness for each student and will design instructional experiences for students that are differentiated to meet individual student needs.
    • Curricular teams will design assessments and learning experiences that provide students with choice in how they will engage in the learning process and/or demonstrate their mastery of the standards.

    How it will look when fully met:

    • All teachers can describe the mastery levels and learning needs of their students
    • All courses will use assessment analytics system to obtain standards-based assessment reports. These reports will indicate mastery levels for each student on course assessments.
    • Data collected through the evaluation process (pre- and post-observation meetings with teachers, data collected in classrooms) will provide evidence of differentiation.
    • Student feedback will indicate that differentiation is taking place in all departments at NCHS.
    • 88% of NCHS graduates will be college and career ready.
    Target date: 6/02/2017

    Task List

    • Communicate school improvement goals and implementation timelines to NCHS faculty members. This will include the expectation that all staff members will engage in professional learning to increase their knowledge and ability to implement differentiated instruction.
    • All teachers will complete a diagnostic assessment to determine a)status of the curriculum development process for each of their courses b)knowledge of differentiated instruction practices/strategies and level of implementation c)flexibility and/or responsiveness of the teacher (growth or fixed number)
    • Create professional learning cohorts for the 2014-2015 school year based on teacher diagnostic assessment results.
    • Collaborate with Learning Services to develop a timeline for development of curriculum maps for all course teams.
    • Provide Mastery manager training for teacher/course teams. This will include a)how to input assessments in the system and b)how to interpret the results in order to make instructional decisions.
    • Collaborate with Learning Services and NNHS to design the Learning Support Coach position for the high schools. Imbedded, on-going professional learning is necessary for attainment of this goal and will be supported by the Learning Support Coach.
    • Assessment literacy training is provided for all team leaders.
    • Increase time for teacher collaboration.
    • Lead teachers will be identified to lead professional learning cohorts for the 2014-2015 school year. These teachers will develop outcomes and learning timelines for their cohort. If needed, these teachers will be provided learning needed to facilitate their cohort.
    • Analysis of PARCC assessment results used to determine alignment of course benchmark assessments and student levels of proficiency.
    • Design a student feedback form/survey to be completed by students at the end of the 2014-2015 school year to determine student perspective on implementation of differentiated instruction.
    • Facilitate NCHS Leadership Team learning of Culturally Responsive Practices and create implementation plan that is integrated with differentiated instruction.

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