ARP (American Rescue Plan) LEA - ESSER III

  • What is the ARP (American Rescue Plan) LEA - ESSER III?

    Under the American Rescue Plan (ARP), school districts around the country received funding to address the impact of COVID-19 on students' academic, social, emotional and mental health needs.

    As a result of the pandemic and the pause on continuous in-person instruction, it is anticipated that students will need additional time and support in both academic and social-emotional skills. Benchmark data from MAP, IRA, and SAT will be used to determine other academic needs. We have built a framework of varied supports that will assist in our goal to maximize student learning that includes additional staffing, summer learning opportunities, tutoring, and mental health services.

    Naperville CUSD 203 will be using ARP funds for the following:

    • Providing at least one math interventionist per school ($5.4mm)
    • Salaries and benefits for before and after school tutoring ($50k)
    • Salaries and benefits for summer enrichment programs ($30k)
    • Additional Learning Behavioral Specialists to provide specialized instruction ($430k)
    • Additional English Learner Teachers ($230k)
    • Additional Social Workers to support mental health needs of students ($260k)
    • Mental health services to support students ($30k)