Vision, Mission and Beliefs

District 203 Vision

Building a Passion for Lifelong Learning

District 203 Mission

The Mission of District 203 is to produce students who are: 
Self-Directed Learners:
  • Initiates, prioritizes, and evaluates achievable goals
  • Seeks continuous learning opportunities
  • Manages multiple tasks and life demands
  • Takes responsibility for all choices
  • Demonstrates positive choices for physical, social, spiritual, and emotional health
  • Maintains a positive outlook
Skills: Independence, Accountability, Organization, Wellness

Collaborative Workers:
  • Works within diverse groups to achieve a common goal
  • Monitors and manages own role and behavior as a group member
  • Offers and accepts constructive criticism
  • Demonstrates consideration and respect for self and others
Skills: Teamwork

Complex Thinkers:
  • Selects, applies, and reflects upon the processes to solve problems
  • Accesses, evaluates, integrates, and cites information from primary and secondary resources
  • Receives and expresses knowledge through spoken, written, visual, and tactile language
  • Perceives, creates, and respects aesthetic meaning of behavioral, natural, and artistic expression
Skills: Research, Communication, Aesthetic Appreciation, Critical Thinking

Beliefa, Vision and Mission poster

Quality Producers:
  • Creates products to achieve an authentic purpose
  • Constructs products appropriate for audience and context
  • Designs and develops products/presentations that reflect integrity, confidence, objectivity, and craftsmanship
  • Uses relevant computer technology wisely, ethically, and efficiently
Skills: Presentation, Technology

Community Contributors:
  • Explores individual and societal connections which impact communities of all sizes
  • Develops respect for self and empathy for those of diverse abilities, cultures, and beliefs
  • Plans and takes action for creating community in a variety of settings
  • Exercises the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
Skills: Global Awareness, Acceptance of self and others

District 203 Beliefs

Naperville Community Unit School District 203 believes an exemplary school district...
  • Values the dignity and uniqueness of each individual
  • Promotes responsible citizenship
  • Is the result of a collective partnership of students, staff, parents and community.