• Transportation General Policy

    The major purpose of school transportation is to get pupils who live an unreasonable walking distance from school, to school and back in an efficient, safe, and economical manner. Other purposes include providing transportation for field trips in direct support of the curricular and the co-curricular program.

    The District’s bus policy generally covers three areas of concern:

    1. Rules that children must observe and follow while riding the bus;
    2. Rules concerning the bus driver and the proper way to handle discipline cases; and
    3. School procedures in disciplinary matters

    Vehicles used by the district will meet all federal and state safety standards. Also, any bus drivers hired by the district will meet all required federal and state standards for licensing.

    In establishing or revising the routes, the pickup and drop off points will be as safe and convenient for students as possible. Students should be at the designated pickup point 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time the bus is to arrive. District bus schedules will be available to parents and students prior to the beginning of each school year through the Parent Portal.

    The district will provide free transportation for all district students who reside: (1) a distance of one and ½ miles or more from their assigned schools, or (2) within one and ½ miles of the assigned schools, but for whom walking would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic as determined by I.D.O.T. standards and for whom adequate public transportation is not available. If a student is to be picked up at a location within the district other than his or her residence – due to permanent, daily child care arrangements – that location may be considered when determining the one and ½ miles from the school attended. Also, free transportation services and vehicles for special education students will be provided if included in the student’s individualized educational programs or as otherwise required by law. All special education students will be transported in accordance with current I.S.B.E. rules and regulations, as well as the School Code of Illinois.

    LEGAL REF.: Illinois School Code , Sec. 10-22.22 and 29-1, et seq.(105 ILCS 5/10-22.22 and 5/29-1 et seq.); Illinois Driver Vehicle Code, Sec. 6-106.1 and 13-109 (625 ILCS 5/6-106.1 and 13-109.) ; 23 Ill. Admin. Code S226.935.
    CROSS REF.: 465.07
  • Alternate Bus Stop Information

    Students who are regularly transported to or from a bus stop other than the one assigned for their home address must have a signed, current request on file at the District's transportation office. This form is required when a day care is used and the student must be picked up or dropped off at an alternate location. This form is required to be filed annually or whenever a change is made. Forms must be received by August 1st in order to be processed for the first day of school. Requests received after school has started may require up to 3 days processing time. Requests may not be honored if the requested bus is at capacity. Click here to download the Request to Transport Student to/from a Different Bus Stop.

    Paid Transportation Program

    Non-Eligible Bus Transportation may be available for students who live under 1 1/2 miles from their attendance center. There is a limited amount of space available for Non-Eligible busing and students are assigned to an existing route and stop on a first come first serve basis. Click here to download the Application for Paid Transportation Program and detailed information.
  • Quick Facts

    • 145 School Bus Drivers
    • Fleet size of 130 buses
    • Only unit school district-owned fleet in DuPage County
    • Provide transportation for 12,000 students daily
    • 4500 field trips transported annually
    • Service 30 schools over 32 square miles
    • Illinois State School Bus Safety Roadeo Champion – 1993
    • Regional top ten "roadeo" finalist 1993-1999
    • Alternate Bus Stop Information