Communications Overview

  • What does the Communications and Community Relations Department do?

    Just as the Learning Services Department is closest to the classroom, the Communications and Community Relations Department is closest to the community which supports that classroom. This becomes critical once we understand the demographics involved: only 30-35% of District 203 households have a child enrolled in public school.

    We interact with hundreds of volunteers and share thousands of communications during any given school year, serving as a liaison between (and within) schools and communities.

    The Communications and Community Relations Department has these main areas of focus:
    • Coordination of communication with both internal and external stakeholders via various publications, social media, website content management and Talk203, our email notification system, community events and forums;
    • Facilitation of media relations, working closely with print reporters, as well as television and radio stations, to report daily/weekly District 203 activities, as well as serving as a liaison in emergency situations;
    • Coordination of District 203 volunteer organizations, which serve students and staff by providing the additional support necessary to sustaining quality education - including Home & School, the School Family Community Partnership, and HURRAH [Happy, Upbeat Retirees (and other) Residents Actively Helping] and Business Partnerships;
    • Promote good news and best practice sharing via community event participation and District Award Recognition.
    In essence, we serve as the link between school and the larger communities we serve.
  • How does Communications and Community Relations do business?

    The mission of the Communications and Community Relations Department is to:
    • Support and further the goals of the District 203 Board of Education
    • Support and enhance the quality of teaching and learning for District 203 staff and students by partnering with the community to create a shared vision of excellence; and
    • Increase two-way communication between the school district and the community to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation among all stakeholders.
  • Talk203 Email and Telephone Information System

    Please see the Talk203 page for details on our email and phone notification system.