Assessing Student Performance

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In District 203, assessment is an integral part of a student's educational experience. The primary goal of assessment is to improve student learning.  Therefore, educators need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to create, administer, and interpret assessments. Any one assessment is a limited source of information and must be used in conjunction with all other available information about a student.

In order to increase student achievement and create an environment that supports lifelong learning, educators must form a partnership with students and parents by involving them in the assessment and evaluation process.  When assessments are used and interpreted properly, the results provide information that is valuable in designing educational opportunities that promote student achievement and meet the needs of all learners.

Contact Information

Timothy Wierenga
Assistant Superintendent of
Assessment and Analytics
Malee Farmer
Director of Research and Analytics
Richard Korbas
Assessment Technology Manager
Terri Stevens
Assessment Data Specialist
Laurie DeKruiff
Assessment Administrative Assistant

Purpose of Assessments

Measurements that tell us how much a student has learned at a particular point in time are an assessment of learning. Assessment for learning is how we use the information to help students learn more.
For Students and Parents…
Assessments help gauge individual progress to help build on strengths and address weaknesses.
For Teachers…
Assessments provide information for instructional grouping, identification of instructional needs, determination of mastery, and evaluation of the effectiveness of units/strategies.
For Administrators…
Assessments provide information about program effectiveness, areas of curricular strength and weakness, resource and staff development needs, and targets for improvement.
For All…
Assessments help answer two questions: How am I (are we) doing? How can I (we) do better?

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