Naperville 203's Instructional Mindset

  • As Naperville 203 continues to elevate its efforts to keep our community informed, we're proud to present a monthly video series that offers stakeholders a look into our school district's educational process.

    Each month we will share a new video that focuses on one of the 10 components of Naperville 203's Instructional Mindset, which was designed to capture the values of Naperville 203's approach to teaching and learning. These videos are designed to help our families develop a better understanding of what learning looks like in our schools.

    Community members will also have an opportunity to share their perspective on each video through participation in a ThoughtExchange that will accompany each communication. These ThoughtExchanges will allow stakeholders to share examples on how the subject of each video has impacted their student, and also allow for the ranking of others' comments to allow the school district to easily discover what resonates most with our community.