Episode #6: Design Inquiry-Based Learning To Spark Curiosity & Innovation

  • Thank you to those of you who participated in our ThoughtExchange on Designing Inquiry-Based Learning To Spark Curiosity & Innovation. We asked participants to share ways in which their student(s) benefitted from High Expectations and the cultivation of a Growth Mindset. Our Naperville 203 leadership team has reviewed the thoughts, and understands that members of our community feel:

    • Some parents would like to see an added emphasis on writing at the junior high level.
    • When a child has an interest in a subject they are more engaged in the learning process.
    • Families want to know more about how teachers are incorporating Inquiry-Based learning into their plans.
    • By allowing students some choice in guiding their inquiry, they are intrinsically motivated to work harder.
    • Inquiry-based learning can be a springboard for authentic discussions at home.

    The bullet points above represent only a portion of the thoughts from the exchange. You can use the following link to View The Exchange On Designing Inquiry-Based Learning To Spark Curiosity & Innovation.