Board Meeting Information

  • The Board of Education holds business meetings at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of the month.  When this day falls on a holiday, the meeting is then moved to the next evening (Tuesday). Special meetings are scheduled as required. In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, closed meetings are held only for consideration of certain items,  including student discipline, personnel,  leasing of property, security issues, real estate transactions, and pending litigation.  Work sessions of the Board of Education are held to examine subjects in greater depth than is possible during business meetings. They are generally scheduled on the first Monday of the month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

    Viewing Board Meetings

    Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend public meetings of the District 203 Board of Education to observe its deliberations. Your presence gives Board members the advantage of community interest and feedback.

    Board sessions are also streamed live via the internet and recorded copies can be accessed on the “Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes” page. Business meetings are also televised on Naperville Community Television, Channel 17 via Comcast and WideOpenWest. They are aired on the first Tuesday after the meeting. See the schedule for times on the NCTV website.

    Addressing the Board

    The specified time is reserved at each meeting for public comment, although citizens should be aware that the Board will not engage in a question-and-answer exchange. Individuals are each allowed three minutes; if representing a group, five minutes are allowed. To notify the Board of Education of your intent to speak, fill out the paperwork provided prior to the meeting. For further information, or if you have a detailed question, please contact Board Secretary Susan Patton at 630-420-6311. During the period reserved for comments, the Board will not hear statements involving cases under litigation, issues that have been scheduled for a public hearing, or complaints regarding individual employees or students.

    Public Hearings

    Public hearings are occasionally scheduled by the Board of Education on specific topics, as warranted. At those meetings, all speakers are allowed three minutes. Speakers may fill out the paperwork provided prior to the meeting.