Buildings & Grounds

  • The Buildings and Grounds Department is comprised of Director, Maintenance Manager, District Operations Manager, Energy Manager, Air Quality Manager, Maintenance Staff, Warehouse Manager, District Mail Delivery Staff, District Utility Personnel, and Secretaries.  Buildings and Grounds also oversees the custodial staff at all 22 schools and the Administrative Center.

    Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the overall physical condition of the buildings, working with District Administrators, Principals, Head Custodians, District Architect to determine and prioritize major renovation and replacement needs.  Maintenance repairs are done by District Maintenance Staff on a daily basis, and outside contractors are hired for larger projects.  Energy management and conservation as well as indoor air quality issues are also handled by Buildings and Grounds.

    Buildings and Grounds oversees the upkeep of our grounds and playgrounds, using B&G personnel to mow grass, trim bushes, mulch plant beds, and repair/replace playground parts.  Outside contractors are hired for concrete work, asphalt work, and playground replacement.

    In addition, Buildings and Grounds provides personnel to deliver all inter-school mail, and transports a vast assortment of technology equipment, miscellaneous District furniture and boxes of all shapes and sizes throughout the District, as needs arise.



     As a result of legislation, Public Act 91-0525 and Public Act 91-0099, schools are required to provide written notification to all parents/guardians of students and staff before such Herbicide application.

    Herbicide application will be performed between the dates of July 13th and July 28th, 2023 on all District 203 buildings walkways, blacktop and hardscape by District personnel licensed by the state of Illinois to perform such herbicide application.

    Applicators will avoid dates/times when scheduled activities are to take place on school grounds.

    Please contact Kevin Bee, District Operations Manager, at (630)420-6434 if you have any questions or concerns.