Schedule B - Charges for Personnel

  • PositionOvertime/Hr
    Sunday & Holiday/Hr
    Buildings & Grounds Staff
    Auditorium Manager
    Auditorium - Student
    Computer Support Associate
    Actual costs to be billed per employee timesheet
    A/V Technician
    Certified Life Safety, etc.
    Water Safety - Student
    Stadium Fields/Press Box Site Supervisor
    *Junior High Kitchen Manager
    *High School Kitchen Manager/Catering
    *Kitchen Staff
    * Please note that hourly rates for Kitchen Managers and Staff are estimates; actual costs will be billed by Sodexo.
    Snow Removal - $76.00/hr - 2 Hour Minimum
    Administrative Charge/Adult Education - $80.00/night/SPLIT
    Personnel rates charged when school deems overtime as necessary.
    If a custodial rate is charged for your event, additional custodial time will be added to the time your event begins and ends. This is an estimate for building opening and clean-up requirements.
    NOTE: All rates subject to change in conformance with policies of the Board of Education and with negotiated agreements.