Facility Rental

  • This section is intended to provide you with information pertaining to rental of school facilities.

    For the availability of specific dates and times, you will need to contact the school you are interested in renting. Click on List of Facilities at left.

    The Facility Rental information you can access in the links at left is also available at each school building. In addition to the Acceptance of Terms form and the Hold Harmless Agreement, you will need to complete an Application for Use of School Facilities, which is available at each school, at the District 203 Administrative Center at 203 West Hillside Road and at the Buildings and Grounds Department, 251 West Hillside Road. Completed paperwork should be returned to the school you are renting.

    General Information

    You are requesting the use of a Naperville Community Unit School District 203 facility. The following information outlines the policies and procedures dealing with the rental of school facilities. Please read this information carefully and return the designated rental application forms. No facilities or rental dates can be granted until the following paperwork is submitted to the school with the Application for Use of Facilities form:
    Charges may be assessed to Classes II, III, and IV when there is an additional cost to the school district because of entering into a lease agreement. Charges will be assessed to Classes V and VI at all times. The school district reserves the right in approving/disapproving a lease agreement. Facility use is at the discretion of the building.

    General Statement - Philosophy

    It is the intention of the Board of Education to make school facilities available to responsible organizations, associations, and individuals in the community for appropriate civic, cultural, welfare, educational, or recreational activities that do not interfere with the conduct and best interests of the school system.
    The Board of Education recognizes the investment which the community has made in the District 203 buildings and facilities. These facilities may be temporarily used under such provisions and control as the district may see fit to impose. School facilities should be maximally used by citizens of the community as long as the school program is not hindered.

    Types of Activities Prohibited

    1. Promulgating any theory or doctrine subversive to the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof advocating governmental change by violence.
    2. Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners, or taste; or be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment.
    3. Any activity which conflicts with school activities. In the event of a conflict with a school-sponsored activity, the District will provide one week’s notice to your organization if cancellation becomes necessary, unless extenuating circumstances preclude that notification.
    4. Activities which are discriminatory in the legal sense.
    5. Any activity which is prohibited by State or Federal statutes and local ordinances.

    Rental Procedures

    Contact the desired school to determine availability, and to acquire guidelines and application. Obtain insurance, following the specifications found in schedule “C” of guidelines. Submit the following to the school for approval and scheduling:
    EC-8 schools will forward all paperwork to the Buildings & Grounds Department, who will assign an estimated cost, if applicable. The high schools process their own paperwork. A copy of the approved application will be forwarded to the renter. An invoice will be mailed after the rental date(s). PLEASE DO NOT PRE-PAY.
    Availability of equipment is at the discretion of the building. Additional charges may apply. Use of a copier may result in additional charges of 2.5 cents per copy.