Establish & Communicate An Inclusive Environment

  • Thank you to those of you who participated in our ThoughtExchange on Establishing & Communicating An Inclusive Environment. We asked participants to share ways in which their students have benefitted from Inclusive Environments at their schools. Our Naperville 203 leadership team has reviewed the thoughts, and understands that members of our community feel:

    • There is a desire for more non-cut athletic opportunities at the high school level
    • While bullying issues have improved in recent years, there are still issues that exist
    • There’s a need to continue to ensure that students are not excluded from activities with peers
    • The school district should continue to find ways to ensure that students with special needs are included
    • Ann Reid does a great job of being inclusive, and those methods should be replicated at other schools

    The bullet points above represent only a portion of the thoughts from the exchange. You can use the following link to View The Exchange On Establishing & Communicating An Inclusive Environment.