HURRAH (Happy, Upbeat Retirees [& other] Residents Actively Helping)

  • hurrah


    What is HURRAH?

    HURRAH volunteers support teachers, help students feel good about themselves, and offer guidance that can become a powerful force in shaping the future of Naperville's youth.

    It is HURRAH’s goal to cultivate relationships with educators in hopes of easing the teacher's workload. While these tasks may seem small, tying shoes, cleaning paintbrushes, and opening baggies during lunch are all things that would otherwise pile up on a teacher’s plate. When HURRAH takes on these tasks, teachers are provided with more time to focus on students and materials. 

    Studies show students become more motivated to learn and less likely to give up or drop out when they have opportunities to work with volunteers and volunteers find personal satisfaction in helping members of the younger generation.