• Focus 203 January 2016: Empowering Parents in a Digital World

    Administrators, community members and parents had a great conversation about Digital Citizenship during the latest community engagement session. 
    Naperville 203 was proud to partner with Devorah Heitner, PhD, and founder of Raising Digital Natives, for a Focus 203 session aimed at empowering parents in a digital world. 
    As Naperville 203 implements the Digital Learning Initiative (DLI), it is imperative to reinforce to students the importance of becoming good Digital Citizens. Heitner led parents to understand Digital Citizenship in a positive way by defining digital civility, digital safety and digital footprints.  Her expertise promoting good Digital Citizenship empowered parents and schools to work together to mentor students in the digital age. 
    Following Heitner’s keynote address, attendees participated in activities outlining their hopes and concerns regarding Digital Learning and dug deeper into how they can help students become good Digital Citizens.  More information about Devorah Heitner and Raising Digital Natives can be found here.

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Group Activities
    Activity 1: Based on the information provided in the presentations, what are the five (5) greatest hopes and concerns for your group?  
    Activity 2: Keynote Reflection- Safety, Civility, Digital Footprint, Digital Focus/TimeManagement
  • Activity 3: What are steps that you can take now to support our children learning in a digital world?