• Web Accessibility

    Because we want to ensure that District information can be communicated to all members of our community, Naperville 203 makes web accessibility a priority. We make every effort to comply with the general standards determined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the specific Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium.
    If you would like to request an alternate version of any of our web content, if you have a question regarding web accessibility, or if you believe we are falling short of compliance in some way, please email the District's webmaster at the following address: amayster@naperville203.org
    The District's Uniform Grievance Procedure (Board Policy 2:260) contains information about how to file a formal grievance relating state and federal laws. The Uniform Grievance Procedure can be accessed: https://boardpolicyonline.com/?b=naperville&s=94433.