Focus 203 January 2015

  • Have you ever wondered how today’s classroom compares to those of the past?
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    One remarkable way education has changed is by the use of technology. Community members joined District 203 staff and administrators to discover how technology plays an increasingly large role in curriculum and instruction in our schools during the community engagement session, known as Focus 203.
    Superintendent Dan Bridges, Chief Academic Officer Jennifer Hester, and Chief Information Officer Roger Brunelle discussed topics such as the District’s Digital Learning Initiative, “blended learning”, and the Expanding Learning Opportunities (eLo) consortium with Indian Prairie District 204 and Wheaton-Warrenville District 200. 
    Attendees were able to share their thoughts on online, digital and blended learning through an online chat.  They also worked in small groups to provide input regarding key issues they think need to be addressed. 
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