Focus 203 - System of Supports for Students

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    At the second Focus 203 event of the year, community members came out to hear about how Naperville 203 has a system of supports available to help every student achieve and every student grow.

    Kicked off again by Focus 203 Steering Community Chairs Khalid Smith and Melanie Manning, the audience heard directly from Naperville’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jen Hester, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Jayne Willard.

    Naperville 203 offers a system of supports to prepare students for academic and social-emotional development for college and career readiness. Through a student centered approach, all students achieve core curriculum, social emotional and academic supports, and have access to intervention, extension, and acceleration. Schools initiate this through school based teams that collaborate to review academic and social emotional data, plan instruction, and design intervention and extension for students.

    The Focus 203 interactive forums foster a meaningful dialogue and generate ideas that ultimately strengthen our learning community. #Focus203 #Empower203

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