Wellness Screening

  • Wellness begins with awareness and Naperville Community Unit School District 203 continues to take proactive steps to promote overall well-being. District 203 encourages you, and your spouse or civil union partner, if applicable, to participate in the wellness screening to receive a bigger picture of your overall health and to help identify any early warning signs of disease. 
    CHC will be on-site to administer the screening, which includes a simple questionnaire, blood pressure and body mass index reading, and a blood draw. Each participant will receive their own confidential summary report that provides an overview of their results, written in non-medical language for easy interpretation. 
    The wellness screening is offered at no cost to eligible employees and spouses or civil union partners covered under District 203’s Medical/Rx Plan. To receive the discount on the Medical/Rx Plan’s monthly contribution, both the employee and covered spouse or civil union partner must complete the screening. 
    The wellness screening complies with all current HIPAA requirements and is strictly confidential. District 203 will receive a general report that combines the entire company’s health screening results to assist in continued wellness initiatives; however CHC will not share any specific individual results. 
    In preparation for the health screening, it is recommended to fast 10-12 hours before testing. You cannot eat, but may drink black coffee or tea (no cream or sugar) during the fast, and should drink two glasses of water two hours prior to the screening. If you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, please consult your physician for fasting instructions. 
    Most medications can be taken prior to your screening and will not affect your results. Please consult your physician if you have a question about any medication you are currently using. Those taking insulin should call their doctor regarding their insulin dose the morning of the screening. 
    The wellness screening takes less than 30 minutes. Screening dates and locations will be coordinated by District 203’s Business Office and will be posted in all buildings. Employees, spouses and civil union partners must present their insurance card and employee number at the time of the screening.
    Watch for further information on how to register and available dates, locations and times in late August/Early September each year.