Frontline Instructions

  • Click the Logo below to access Frontline (formerly known AESOP)

    SUBSTITUTE INFORMATION – Updated February 11, 2022
    • Absence Management offers both phone and web services.  You can call in to Absence Management system toll-free at 1-800-942-3767 or log in at  These options provide the flexibility to proactively search for jobs and fill your schedule the way you want.
    • Frontline requires you to manage your preferred schools.  A school preference list identifies the locations within a district where you do and do not want to work. Just keep in mind that you increase the odds of finding a job by keeping more locations selected. Choosing Preferred Schools
    • One of Absence Management’s great features is its ability to automatically call and offer you available jobs.  However, certain times may not work for your schedule.  The system allows you to customize these call times and determine when you should and should not be contacted about available jobs Setting and Changing Call Times.
    • Absence Management offers the flexibility to enter Non-Work Days which tells the system that you do not want to be called for jobs on those pre-defined days

    Adding and Removing Non-Work Days

    • If you would like to watch a tutorial on how to use Frontline, click HERE.