Career 203

  • Career 203 is Naperville 203’s professional growth model created to reward educators for participation in relevant and rigorous professional development opportunities that fulfill the evolving needs of the district’s students. The program is grounded in research proving that educators who are continuously learning and improving their practice contribute in significant and meaningful ways to positive student growth.

    Professional growth experiences within Career 203 are referred to as “bricks.” The “bricks” are used to “pave” one’s career path. Educators work collaboratively with a designated administrator to establish a career path. Career 203 offers four pre-designed career paths and an individualized career path. The individualized career path permits educators to work with his/her designated administrator to create a career path unique to his/her goals by assembling bricks from the predesigned paths.The four pre-designed career paths are:

    • Teacher-Leader: An educator who has additional responsibilities to enhance the development of colleagues and advance the missions of the school or district
    • Expert Teacher: An educator who specializes and develops his/her knowledge in one or more subject areas and/or grade level
    • Master Teacher: Designed for educators who pursue professional growth to enhance their specific pedagogical and content skills
    • Research Teacher: Designed for the educator who is focused primarily on their daily practice and whose professional growth is school or classroom-based and is integrated into the workday

    Points earned through the Career 203 program can be converted to movement on our salary schedule for permanent salary advancement.