Human Resource Department

  • The Human Resources Department is responsible for Human Capital Management in the following areas:

    Staffing Management

    Creating strategies and processes for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining the human resources needed to support the district objectives, including pre-employment screening, substitutes, recruitment, and leave management.

    Labor Relations

    Dealing with the elements of formal labor management, collective bargaining and contract administration, and labor management meetings.

    Employee Relations

    Dealing with maintaining a positive, productive and cohesive work environment, ensuring that relations with employees comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations; and resolving workplace disputes, conflict resolution, anti-harassment, unemployment hearings, and disciplinary matters.  


    Designing and administering compensation systems including Career 203, the professional development model for educators, and evaluating our pay practices.  

    Employee Development and Performance

    Addressing performance management, performance measurement systems, mentoring, leadership development, talent management, and succession planning.

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