• 2024 Universal Availability Notice

    The District has partnered with US Omni as a third party administrator for our 403b & 457b plans. 

    Please visit our US Omni plan page here to complete the paperwork or contact their customer service at 877-544-6664 for assistance.

    A welcome packet with news about our program and how to process requests can be found here.

    A few other items of note:

    • New contributions or changes to 403b accounts will be processed at the next possible payroll.
    • New contributions or changes to 457b accounts will be processed at the first possible payroll in the next month, per IRS guidelines.
      • For example, if a change is made on 1/5/24, the first possible payroll in the next month is 2/9/24. 
    • Our provider list has expanded! Both 403b & 457b plans have new vendor options and even more coming online soon!
    • New FIDELITY and GREAT AMERICAN participants will no longer be authorized as they are not part of our program through US Omni.
      • Those contributing to FIDELITY and GREAT AMERICAN on the final 2021 payroll were grandfathered and are able to continue their contributions as in the past. However, any break in contributions of more than 6 months will negate the grandfather clause and will result in no longer being able to contribute to those vendors. 

    Please contact Donna Cook, Payroll Specialist, at x6235 or dcook@naperville203.org with any questions about the payroll processing side of this partnership. All other questions should be directed to US Omni at 877-544-6664.


    Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois is providing current active TRS members to their Supplemental Savings Plan. This is a voluntary, defined contribution 457b plan managed by VOYA.

    Employees that are brand new to TRS and start employment on or after 1/1/23, will be part of TRS SSP’s Automatic Enrollment program. For information about Automatic Enrollment, how to confirm your enrollment, how to opt out, or other information about TRS SSP, please read this flyer.

    Employees that are not new to TRS but would like to join this program can choose to enroll at any time.

    For more information about TRS SSP, please visit their site here.