Spousal Surcharge

  • Spousal/Civil Union Partner Surcharge Exemption - If your spouse or civil union partner is eligible for medical coverage through his/her employer that meets the Affordable Care Act’s essential benefits, minimum value, and affordability requirements and is enrolled in one of the District 203’s Medical/Rx plans, you will be assessed a surcharge of $175 per month ($80.77 per payroll based on 26 pays and $105.00 per payroll based on 20 pays). The surcharge applies regardless if the District 203 coverage is primary or secondary but does not apply to spouses/civil union partners with non-company sponsored health plans such as COBRA, Medicare, Veteran’s Affairs, or Sole Proprietorship. Please note that dependent children may still be eligible for coverage under our health plan regardless of a spouse’s/partner’s eligibility or coverage status.

    Spouse is defined as an individual who is recognized as a legal husband or legal wife of a Participant under the Family Medical Leave Act and who is covered by the Plan.

    Civil Union Partner is defined as an individual who is recognized as the partner of a Participant under the Civil Union Act of the State of Illinois and who is covered by the Plan.

    Upon request, participants must furnish satisfactory proof to their Benefits Coordinator that conditions as reported on the affidavit form continue to exist. Participants must inform the Benefits Coordinator immediately if spouse’s/partner’s eligibility status for this Plan or his/her employer’s plan changes. Participants will be required to complete the Spousal Affidavit form annually during every Annual Benefits Enrollment period.

    Required Annual Spousal Affidavit

    Spousal/Civil Union Partner Surcharge FAQ