Future Focus Community Engagement Session 2

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    Topic - Defining Student Success

    Below you will find the presentation from the second session of Future Focus 203. The topic of this session was "What is your definition of student success?"

    Future Focus PowerPoint Presentation-Community Engagement Session 2

    Student performance headed the list of issues to explore during last month's Future Focus community engagement sessions, leading to session 2's more in-depth discussion. Top indicators of success as ranked by participants included college and career readiness, personal growth, demonstrated academic growth, demonstrated emotional growth, community contributor and self-directed learner. Participants created 140-character "Twitter-like" belief statements about success. The document below contains the verbatim transcripts and executive summaries from those small groups.

    Community Engagement Session 2 Verbatim Transcripts and Executive Summaries
    Community Engagement Session 2 High School Verbatim Transcripts

    The images below are WORDLES (wordle.com) created from the success indicators chosen during this month’s Future Focus 203 session on defining student success. Wordles generate “word clouds” giving greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. One image shows the choices made by adults during the community engagement session, the other was created by junior and senior students at NCHS and NNHS.

    Wordle made by adults

    Wordle made by high school students

    Future Focus CES2 video screen