Blended and Personalized Learning

  • Naperville 203 is committed to developing a high quality online and blended learning experience for our students. The implementation of our Digital Learning Initiative provided the opportunity to examine how we could enhance the educational experience for students with technology. In collaboration with high school leadership and eager teachers, we began to explore fully online and blended learning models that would provide students with greater access to personalized learning experiences.

    We continue to offer classes in a face-to-face setting, but have implemented blended learning classrooms, where teachers are able to personalize instruction by determining which students will receive in-class instruction and which will work independently through digital content. At times, students will be in the classroom together and at other times, individual or small groups of students are selected by the teacher to receive in class instruction matched to their needs. In essence, students will be at a different place on the continuum between in-class and independent learning based on their unique needs.

    When students in the blended learning course are not in the classroom, they have many options on how they will spend their independent learning time for that period. Students have the option of staying on campus to work independently or collaboratively in designated areas of our school or, with parent permission, students may elect be off-campus during this time. We continue to increase our Blended Learning course offerings and provide teachers with professional learning in this teaching and learning framework so that we can offer more online and blended courses in the future.