Staff Applications

  • Tardy Tracking

    In order to ensure students are making it to class on time out our High Schools, the District utilizes a tardy tracking system that allows students to quickly get a late pass by scanning their school id card which they can present to the teacher to be allows into class.  This tardy information is loaded automatically back into the Student Information System for attendance tracking purposes. This information this then used for discipline purposes as well.

    Special Education Management System

    The district utilizes a sophisticated web-based system that can manage the entire special education process, while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, including the IDEA 2004 reauthorization and No Child Left Behind. This system maintains the documentation related to Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Section 504 plans, and Response to Intervention (RTI) plans. It also provides the data required to file with the Illinois State Board of Education related to special education and data need to file to Medicaid for district reimbursement.

    District Assessment Management

    Over the years the District as amassed a large database of questions and answers used for assessing progress of students throughout the years. These are items that were developed by staff and purchased from approved vendors. This application allows the district and teachers to create common assessments that can be distributed to groups to use for testing students. This system receives student schedule information from the Student Information System to aid in mass assigning and scoring assessments.


    Students across the district are also required to take several external assessments throughout the year. Many of these assessments are considered high-stakes assessments and are distributed and scored by 3rdparty organizations. The district provides these organizations with basic student information so the necessary test forms can be created and scored automatically.

    Financial/Human Resources System

    The district Financial and Human Resources provides financial and human resource management, payroll and procurement services along with an employee self-service portal. This system provides core back office functionality and is the source of much of the financial reporting required for state and federal reporting.

    Time Management System

    The District employs thousands of employees including a variety of support staff outside of teachers and administrators. It is a challenge to track the time the staff spends working for the district. This application provides an automated system that allows staff that need to clock in and clock out. Time clocks are set up across the district so that staff can conveniently log in as they walk in the door.

    Data Warehouse

    The data warehouse i s a repository of student and related data used to analyze student achievement.  It consists primarily of student test results of standardized assessments (i.e. PSAE, ISAT, CoGAT, ITBS, etc). This system is aimed at taking data from multiple sources and providing analytical capabilities and insight into the Districts programs and effectiveness in raising student achievement levels.

    Data Analytics

    This application sits on top of our district Data Warehouse and provides tools to analyze student achievement and growth data in a variety of ways. Data can be displayed in various ways and allows users to dynamically create queries to view the data using various criteria.


    The District’s Transportation application receives student data from the Student Information System and utilizes school boundary data to create efficient bus routes and optimize the usage of the District's bus fleet. Student bus route data is transferred back to the Student Information System to provide parents with bus stop and pickup and drop-off times.

    Staff Collaboration/Document Management

    A web-based system is used to empower our schools through online collaborative workspaces. It provides many features including: Document Libraries, Wiki Libraries, Discussion Boards, Shared Calendars, Tasks, Surveys, and Web Pages. There are sites for schools, staff and departments to collaborate on a continuous basis.

    State & Federal Reporting Website

    The District is required by both the state and federal government agencies to provide data for reporting purposes. This reporting includes enrollment, demographic, discipline, attendance, grades, schedules for students.