Applications & Data Management

  • The district utilizes a variety of enterprise level applications to manage its daily operations as well as retain data and documents for various state and federal reporting requirements. Most of these applications are hosted internally at the two District Datacenters with the remainder hosted by the vendors. Many of these applications are integrated with each other to transmit data between them on real-time, daily, and on-demand basis. Below are brief descriptions of District 203 key applications and their purposes.

    The Applications & Data Management team is responsible for installing, managing, maintaining, integrating, and supporting over 25 enterprise level applications.  These enterprise applications retain all of the District data used in daily operations of the District that are used by staff, students, and parents.  Below is a high-level diagram of the major applications showing the data integration between each application.  Click the links to the left to learn more about each application.

    District 203 Appliations


    The Applications & Data Management team consists of seven staff members:

    • Director of Applications & Data Management
    • Sr. Manager of Data Operations
    • Applications Manager
    • Systems Analyst
    • Application Support Analyst
    • Computer Support Associate
    • State & Federal Reporting Specialist


    Responsibilities of this team include:

    • Installing, monitoring, and maintaining  enterprise applications
    • Coordinating, testing, and communicating application upgrades
    • Integrating data between internal applications and external entities
    • Assisting parents and students through Campus Portal phone and email support
    • Gathering and submitting all required reporting to state and federal reporting agencies
    • Implementing new processes utilizing enterprise applications
    • Providing technical input to application selection processes
    • Training staff on new product functionality