Student Applications

  • Student Information System

    The core foundational technology that District 203 is the Student Information System (SIS).  Located at the heart of our District operations, this is a mission-critical system that provides the functionality through which the majority of our school related administrative duties are performed. This web based system supports key District 203 processes such as enrollment, registration, scheduling, attendance, gradebook, student records, health information and much more. The Student Information System also acts as a key repository of information regarding the operations of our educational facilities and an integral source of information to  administrators, teachers, parents and students. The SIS integrates with other key District 203 applications and systems that support our services such as Transportation, Food Service and Special Education, as well as integrating with our Learning Management systems. Much of the data required for the United States Department of Education and Illinois State Board of Education mandated reporting is sourced from the Student Information System.

    Learning Management System

    The District 203 Learning Management System (LMS) is a web based software package that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students. This system facilitates "anytime, anywhere" access to learning content and administration. Students can access course and assignment materials, view associated educational content, post and retrieve assignment work and collaborate on projects.

    Student Email, Document Storage, and Productivity Applications

    As our students move out into the real world, they need to be familiar with industry standard tools for communicating and collaboration. The industry leader in office collaboration has provided the district with an online version of these popular applications to our students free of charge. This gives students their own personal district email, online file storage, and office productivity tools.

    Library Automation System

    District 203 a library automation application to track a variety of media resources available to staff and students. The system is centrally administered, backed up, and updated. Students enjoy an easy-to-use, Web-based search interface which is accessible to them within the district as well as at home.


    College Applications

    To assist our high schools students in preparation for attending college and further education, the district invests in a subscription to web-based service that tracks college applications. High School Registrars load transcripts into the system and students complete on-line applications and request transcripts to be sent to the schools to which they have applied.

    Food Service

    The District’s meal service application provides maintenance and tracking of free and reduced-price meal applications that are entered through state and federal programs and parent-initiated applications. This application also provides the point-of-sale system used in the schools to scan student ID badges tin order to track meal purchases and balances for both paid and free or reduced-price lunch students. Parents maintain their student’s meal balances via a website.