Student Learning

  • Digital Learning at District 203 provides the opportunity for more differentiation in instruction for students, creating a personalized learning experience. And, because the device goes home with the student, it allows them to control the pace, place and time of learning as well. 
    By having digitally enhanced tools to seek information readily available, students can realize part of the District Mission of being self-directed learners.  By sharing and working with their peers, problem-solving and collectively working on projects and assignments through technology-enhanced curriculum, students are collaborative workers and complex thinkers. Digital learning provides students technology-enhanced methods to be quality producers otherwise not possible in a traditional environment.  Finally, digital learning opens up a world of possibilities to students to connect and collaborate with the community and beyond providing more opportunity to be community contributors.
    District 203 is excited to offer this opportunity to our students - a first step to changing the learning experience for your child - making our District one of the few school districts in the area to incorporate 1:1 devices in the K-12 classroom while embedding their use within our current rigorous curriculum designs.