What are my responsibilities?

  • Your Chromebook is part of your regular school supplies. You are expected to come to class each day with your device fully charged. 
    Take care of your Chromebook as if it were your own. This device will be yours for the duration of your high school career. Watch the following video for more information about your Chromebook.
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    Be a Good Digital Citizen

    Digital Citizenship is the concept of educating all students in the appropriate use of technology.  A good digital citizen is one who knows what is right and wrong, exhibits intelligent technology behavior, and makes good choices when using technology. Watch this video for more information about being a good digital citizen in District 203.
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    All students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette and conditions of Good Digital Citizenship. These include, but are not limited to:
    Respect Yourself.  Select online names that are appropriate, and consider the information and images posted online. Make considerate decisions about posting any personal information regarding life experiences, experimentation, and relationships.  Recognize that electronic mail (e-mail), in all forms, is not private and that the District reserves the right to access District provided e-mail as well as all other District systems data without notice or permission.  If discovered, messages or data relating to, or in support of, illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.
    Protect Yourself. Ensure that the information, images, and materials posted online will not put you at risk.  Do not publish personally identifiable information such as addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, Social Security numbers, contact details, and personal schedule of activities.  Report any attacks or inappropriate behavior.  Protect accounts, passwords, and resources, and change passwords in compliance with District policy.  Never provide District login or password information over e-mail to anyone for any reason.  Be aware that the District will never send an e-mail asking for information regarding any kind of security information such as a login name and password.
    Respect Others.  Do not use electronic means to antagonize, bully, harass, or stalk others.  Do not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist, or otherwise inappropriate.  Do not abuse rights of access, and do not enter other people’s private spaces or areas.  Be polite and do not become abusive in messages to others.  Do not swear, or use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language.  Do not use District systems or network in any way that would disrupt its use by others.
    Protect Others.  Report abuse and do not forward inappropriate materials or communications.  Be cognizant of, and avoid, unacceptable materials and conversations.  Do not reveal personally identifiable information of students or colleagues.  
    Respect Intellectual Property.  Request permission to use resources.  Cite any and all use of websites, books, and media.  Acknowledge primary sources and validate information.  Use and abide by fair use rules.
    Protect Intellectual Property.  Request permission to use software and media that others produce.  Do not steal software and use only software that the District has purchased, licensed, and registered.  Act with integrity and acknowledge that all communications and information accessible via District systems and network to be private property.
    Don't Engage in Cyber-Bullying. Students are strictly prohibited from using personal devices or District systems and network to:
    • Take pictures of anybody that will cause embarrassment and/or harm to that individual.  Any unauthorized audio or video recording of any student or staff member, and/or unauthorized distribution of any image or recording of any student or staff members without full consent of the individual being recorded is not permitted.  Such conduct may also be illegal.
    • Create, post, or transfer any discriminatory, confidential, threatening, libelous, obscene, or slandering comments about the District, members of the District’s Board of Education, employees, students, volunteers, parents, or community members.
    • Send mean or threatening e-mail.  Students should never discuss inappropriate topics when e-mailing, texting, or posting on social media – even if the matter is considered to be “a joke.”  Likewise, students should never respond to messages or posts that are suggestive, obscene, belligerent, or harassing.