About Digital Learning

    Why Digital Learning?

    Digital learning provides students with opportunities to be quality producers of digital content, products, and work otherwise not possible in a traditional environment.   By having digitally enhanced tools to seek information readily available, students can realize part of the District Mission of being self-directed learners.  By sharing and working with their peers, problem-solving and collectively working on projects and assignments through technology-enhanced curriculum, students are collaborative workers and complex thinkers. Digital learning provides students technology-enhanced methods to be quality producers otherwise not possible in a traditional environment.  Finally, digital learning opens up a world of possibilities to students to connect and collaborate with the community and beyond providing more opportunity to be community contributors.


    The District's plan for Digital Learning is driven by the Focus 2020 Strategic Blueprint which guides the District's priorities as set by the community through the year 2020. For more information on the Blueprint, please click here.  


    Digital Learning Initiative Planning and Process

    In May 2015, the Board of Education voted to approve the Digital Learning recommendations over a three-year roll out period after a successful 2014-2015 pilot year.  Naperville 203 is excited about moving forward with this initiative that will transform teaching and learning!  To view the full Digital Learning Initiative recommendation, please see the presentation below. 


    During the 2014-2015 school year, the Digital Learning Initiative studied the teaching and learning benefits provided by the use of electronic devices in the classroom that come home with the student. It encompassed 41 selected classes, taught by 50 teachers in 13 schools across the District. For a brief video about the pilot, please visit: http://bit.ly/1SEPOFD


    Digital Learning Implementation

    Year one of the Digital Learning Initiative roll out began in the 2015-2016 school year. Naperville 203 implemented the Google Apps for Education ecosystem (GAFE) at both high schools.  Every Naperville 203 high school student was issued a Chromebook.


    The year one Digital Learning Initiative continued at existing junior high and elementary classrooms and expanded to include more. Where curriculum needs for specialty areas such as art and Project Lead the Way, the District will retain non-Google environments.

    Year two of the Digital Learning Initiative continued in the 2016-17 school year, with students at all five junior highs receiving a Chromebook.  

    Please see the presentation below for the full Digital Learning recommendation, including year three.