How are you protecting my student when they are online?

  • The safety of our students is our number one priority, online safety and privacy is no exception.  The District makes all reasonable efforts and adheres to all state and federal laws to protect and maintain your child’s privacy. 

    Naperville 203 operates in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The District filters all on-premises connections to the Internet and blocks entry of computers or devices sites that may contain content considered obscene, pornographic, harmful or inappropriate for students.  An administrator, supervisor, or other authorized person may disable the filtering device for bona fide research or other educational purposes provided that the individual receives prior permission from the Superintendent or system administrator.  

    The District will supplement this by providing at-home filtering applications for Chromebooks that are used off-campus and at home. An at-home filtering solution for iPads is in development and currently unavailable. At home iPad Internet filtering information can be obtained from the company that provides Internet access at home. Regardless of filtering capabilities, families should discuss and encourage appropriate Internet usage and filtering outside of school.

    Staff members shall provide supervision while students are using the District’s Internet access to ensure that the students abide by District policy.