Digital Citizenship

  • An integral piece of Digital Learning at Naperville Community School Unit District 203 is teaching our students to be good digital citizens.  Digital citizenship is the concept of educating all technology users about how to use technology safely and appropriately. A good digital citizen is one who knows what is right and wrong, exhibits intelligent technology behavior, and makes good choices when using technology.
    Using technology responsibly and appropriately creates a good digital footprint for your student. 

    This footprint includes all of your student's actions online ranging from posts, photos, to projects. It cannot be erased. It is online permanently. Part of educating students on digital citizenship asks them to think about what kind of footprint do they want future colleges and employers to see?  How will their future relationships feel about their online presence? Digital citizenship lessons are woven into the curriculum at all levels of participation in Digital Learning at District 203. 

    Below is a video on digital citizenship.

    For more resources on digital citizenship, click here.