Innovation and Learning

  • Naperville Community Unit School District 203 is committed to offering innovative learning environments, instruction, and curriculum for our students. For this reason, Innovation and Learning is charged with exploring the trends in teaching and learning to determine which of these trends will support the district’s Blueprint Commitments. Learning Services & IT partner to serve District 203 students and staff by creating a vision and roadmap for the integration of educational technology into the instructional environment. Our goal is to "create classrooms, schools, lessons that work for students” by redesigning learning spaces, reimagining the school day, and redefining instructional experiences for our students.

    Curriculum & Instruction and IT are working to make this vision a reality through a variety of educational initiatives. Many of these initiatives are guided by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students and Teachers, which provide the foundation for digital learning in District 203. The following are some recent initiatives fostered through this Innovation and Learning partnership. Through these standards-based initiatives, and others that are still in the process of ideation and creation, we strive to make learning personal for students establishing District 203 as a leader in EC-12 Teaching and Learning on the forefront of educational technology.

    • Digital Learning Initiative
    • Innovative Learning Spaces
    • Blended and Personalized Learning
    • Makerspaces (3D Printing and Robotics)
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Digital Resources
    • Digital Content