Student Services Staff

  • Naperville North High School's Student Services Department is divided into four Student Alpha Teams, based on the student's last name. Please use the navigation on the left to view your student's Student Alpha Teams information page.

NNHS Student Services Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Katie Genovesi Asst. Principal of Student Services (630) 420-6410
Lisa Johnson Secretary to Ms. Camire (630) 420-6410
Ebony Baker Counseling Department Chair (630) 420-6502
Roseann Laraia Registrar (630) 420-6528
Brian La Porte College & Career Counselor (630) 420-6645
Heidi Roffman College & Career Assistant (630) 420-6645
Katie Genovesi Dean of Interventions (630) 305-4107
Laurie Deno 504 Coordinator (630) 328-5821
Reed Marshall MTSS Social Work 630-983-2212
Susan Brown Testing Coordinator (630) 420-2897

Team A-Fak / 630.420.6505

Name Title Email
Greg Hodges Dean of Students (A-Fak)
Kathy McCoy Assistant (A-Fak)
Jenna Cartwright Social Worker (A-Fak)
Psychologist (A-Fak)
Jo Volkening Nurse (A-Lez)
Pamela Martinez Counselor (A-Bra)
Mary Lazowski Counselor (Brb-Del)
Molly Murray Counselor (Dem-Fak)
Jen Smith Student Outreach Specialist

Team Fal-Lez / 630.420.6502

Name Title Email
Sean Williams Dean of Students (Fal-Lez)
Lauren Jamieson Assistant (Fal-Lez)
Deepak Santhiraj Social Worker (Fal-Lez)
Elizabeth Struna Psychologist (Fal-Lez)
Jo Volkening Nurse (A-Lez)
Molly Murray Counselor (Fal-Gif)
Katy Miller Counselor (Gig-Is)
Annie Gomez Counselor (It-Lez)
Donell Ausley Student Outreach Specialist

Team Lf-Roa / 630.420.6503

Name Title Email
Jeff Farson Dean of Students (Lf-Roa)
Diane Herling Assistant (Lf-Roa)
Kaitlyn McAdams Social Worker (Lf-Roa)
Michelle Marcowka Psychologist (Lf-Roa)
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z)
Ross Katsma Counselor (Lf-Mop)
Jennifer Witt Counselor (Moq-Poe)
Angelo Georgacopoulos Counselor (Pof-Roa)
Jen Smith Student Outreach Specialist

Team Rob-Z / 630.420.6504

Name Title Email
Denise Gomez Dean of Students (Rob-Z)
Heather Donnary Assistant (Rob-Z)
Brent Terada Social Worker (Rob-Z)
Kattie Patzelt Psychologist (Rob-Z)
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z)
Angelo Georgacopoulos Counselor (Pof-Sek)
Ryan Hall Counselor (Sel-Trab)
Jennifer Wolf Counselor (Trac-Z)
Donell Ausley Student Outreach Specialist
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