• Work Permits

    Please carefully read all directions below and provide copies of all necessary paperwork. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS

    To minimize the need for in-person contact, we are processing Work Permit applications electronically whenever possible.

    Please send electronic copies of the following douments to ljohnson1@naperville203.org:

    A Work Permit will be generated from information contained in these documents and sent to you. When you receive it, please send back a signed form. There is no signature line so you can just sign anywhere at the bottom.

    If you prefer to provide paper copies, please send all required paperwork to the following address:

    Naperville North High School
    899 North Mill Street
    Naperville, IL 60563-8998
    Attn: Lisa Johnson

    **Please include your email address with the mailed paperwork.

    • Your Work Permit will be created and emailed to you.
    • The applicant should sign the bottom of the Work Permit and send a signed copy to ljohnson1@naperville203.org.

    Please contact Lisa Johnson at 630-420-6410 or ljohnson1@naperville203.org with any questions.