NNHS Work Permits

  • Naperville North students and younger minors, residing within the boundaries of Naperville Community Unit School District 203, may apply to obtain a work permit using the procedure outlined below. Be sure to consult the Illinois General Assembly website for a complete list of what type of employment is allowed/prohibited.

    Please follow all instructions and be sure to gather all necessary documents.  See information listed below to determine who you should contact.


    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • A current Physical dated within 1 year of application
    • Letter of Intent from Employer or the completed Work Permit - Letter of Intent to Hire document with the employer’s signature
    • The completed Application for a Work Permit
    • A completed Principal’s Statement to Issuing Officer, to be signed by the minor's current principal.
      Note: If the minor is an NNHS student, you will not need to provide this document.
    • If the minor will be a performer, please provide proof of their Child Performer Trust fund, as well as a copy of a government issued photo ID (front and back) for the parent or legal guardian on the minor’s birth certificate or court order regarding adoption or guardianship

    Primary Contact: Lisa Johnson in the Main Office at ljohnson1@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6410.

    Secondary Contact: The Secretary for your minor's Student Alpha team listed below:
       A-Fak - Kathy McCoy- kmccoy@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6505
       Fal-Lez - Lauren Jamieson - ljamieson@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6502
       Lf-Roa - Diane Herling - dherling@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6503
       Rob-Z - Heather Donnary - hdonnary@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6504


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