• Work Permits

    **NEW** In response to COVID-19, our procedure for obtaining a Work Permit has been modified.

    Please carefully read all directions below and provide copies of all necessary paperwork. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS

    Please send all required paperwork to the following address:

    Naperville North High School
    899 North Mill Street
    Naperville, IL 60563-8998
    Attn: Lisa Johnson


    Scan and email all documents to Lisa Johnson at ljohnson1@naperville203.org

    • Your Work Permit will be created and mailed to you, along with a postage-page envelope.
    • The applicant should sign the bottom of the Work Permit and return in the envelope provided.
    • Upon reciept of the signed copy, you will receive an electronic version of the Work Permit.
      **Paper copies can also be provided upon request

    Required papework includes:

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Letter of Intent from Employer. Employer can complete the Work Permit - Letter of Intent to Hire, or provide their own on company letterhead with an original signature.
    3. Physical form dated in the last year.

    Please also read and complete the following:

    Contact any of the Student Services Secretaries if you have any questions.