NNHS Work Permits

  • Naperville North students and younger minors, residing within the boundaries of Naperville Community Unit School District 203, may apply to obtain a work permit using the procedure outlined below.

    Please follow all instructions and be sure to gather all necessary documents.  All required documents should be sent electronically.

    Once the documents have been received, a permit will be created.  You will be contacted to make arrangements for the minor and one parent/guardian to pick up the permit.


    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • A current Physical dated within 1 year of application or Certificate of Physical Fitness filled out by your physician
    • Letter of Intent from Employer or the completed Work Permit - Letter of Intent to Hire document with the employer’s signature
    • The completed Application for a Work Permit
    • A completed Principal’s Statement to Issuing Officer, to be signed by the minor's current principal.
      Note: If the minor is an NNHS student, you will not need to provide this document.
    • If the minor will be a performer, please provide proof of their Child Performer Trust fund, as well as a copy of a government issued photo ID (front and back) for the parent or legal guardian on the minor’s birth certificate or court order regarding adoption or guardianship

    Primary Contact: Lisa Johnson in the Assistant Principal's Office at ljohnson1@naperville203.org or (630) 420-6410.

    Secondary Contact: The Secretary for your minor's Student Alpha team listed below:
       A-Fak - Kathy Hilgemann - khilgemann@naperville203.org
       Fal-Lez - Lauren Jamieson - ljamieson@naperville203.org
       Lf-Roa - Diane Herling - dherling@naperville203.org
       Rob-Z - Heather Donnary - hdonnary@naperville203.org


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