• Welcome to NNHS Family Connection

    Serving the Naperville North HS Community in need since 2002

    Our Mission

    To meet the essential needs of the Naperville North High School community families facing hardship by providing temporary means of support.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is that all of the Naperville North High School community families have their essential needs met.

    What We Are

    With over 600 donor members, NNHS Family Connection is a collaborative group of NNHS families, staff, and community members dedicated to meeting the essential needs of the NNHS school community facing hardship. Its success depends upon the loyalty and generosity of its donors, coupled with the knowledge and compassion of the NNHS staff, who through their expertise, identify the needs of the families and chart the best course of action. As a team, we are committed to providing our families with vital community resources so they can reach a level of stability in their lives. It is this climate of partnership that continues to sustain NNHS Family Connection today.


    Family Connections is preparing to bring a message of friendship, caring and hope to 60 NNHS families facing hardship this year. Please consider one of the options below:

    1. Sponsor a NNHS family by purchasing a gift card to Walmart or Meijer. These stores are particularly helpful to our Huskie families as they provide the convenience of food, gas, clothing and household shopping all from one location.

    2. Send a contribution of any amount in the form of cash or a personal check (made payable to NNHS Family Connection).  We will pool donations together to reach our goal. No amount is too small and every dollar is appreciated.

    Please submit all donations to Jill Myatt in Principal Jay Wachtel’s office by November 30th.

    NNHS Family Connection
    c/o Jill Myatt
    899 North Mill Street
    Naperville, IL 60563